Santa’s Bestie


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Santa’s Bestie

Available as a t-shirt or bodysuit/vest.
Please leave personalisation details at checkout, along with colour choices.

Care instructions: DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Wash on a low heat.

Please note: T-Shirts are big for size and long sleeved is only available up to size 5-6years.

For more colours and designs, please visit:

Additional information


L.Sl T-Shirt 6-12m, L.Sle B.Suit 12-18m, L.Sle B.Suit 18-24m, L.Sle B.Suit 9-12m, L.Sle T-Shirt 1-2yr, L.Sle T-Shirt 2-3yr, L.Sle T-Shirt 3-4yr, L.Sle T-Shirt 4-5yr, L.Sle T-Shirt 5-6yr, L.Sle T-Shirt 7-8yr, L.Sle T-Shirt 8-9yr, L.Sleeve B.Suit 0-3m, L.Sleeve B.Suit 3-6m, L.Sleeve B.Suit 6-9m, L.Sleeve T-Shir 0-3m, L.Sleeve T-Shir 3-6m, Older/Other, S.Sle B.Suit 12-18m, S.Sle B.Suit 18-24m, S.Sle T-Shirt 1-2yr, S.Sle T-Shirt 2-3yr, S.Sle T-Shirt 3-4yr, S.Sle T-Shirt 4-5yr, S.Sle T-Shirt 5-6yr, S.Sle T-Shirt 7-8yr, S.Sle T-Shirt 8-9yr, S.Sleeve B.Suit 0-3m, S.Sleeve B.Suit 3-6m, S.Sleeve B.Suit 6-9m, S.Sleeve T-Shir 0-3m, S.Sleeve T-Shir 3-6m, Sh.Sl T-Shirt 6-12m, Sh.Sle B.Suit 9-12m

Primary color

Black, Green, Grey, Red, White


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