The Queen of Hearts

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The Queen of Hearts

This T-shirt can be printed in any colour combination.
Can also be printed on a vest/bodysuit or t-shirt in long or short sleeved.
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Completely washable, non-shed glitter. Do not tumble dry.

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Babygrow/Vest, T-Shirt


bodysuit, clothing, cotton, cupid, glitter, handmade, heart, htv, printed, short long sleeved, tailored with love, tshirt, vinyl


0-3m L/Sle, 0-3m Sh/Sle, 11-12yr Sh/Sl, 12-18m L/Sle, 12-18m Sh/Sle, 18-24m L/Sle, 18-24m Sh/Sle, 2-3yr L/Sl, 2-3yr Sh/Sl, 3-4yr L/Sl, 3-4yr Sh/Sl, 3-6m L/Sle, 3-6m Sh/Sle, 4-5yr L/Sl, 4-5yr Sh/Sl, 5-6yr L/Sl, 5-6yr Sh/Sl, 6-9m L/Sle, 6-9m Sh/Sle, 7-8yr Sh/Sl, 9-10yr Sh/Sl, 9-12m L/Sle, 9-12m Sh/Sle

1 review for The Queen of Hearts

  1. bernadette

    Lovely vest, good quality, personalisation as requested

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